Crib Bumpers for Baby Matthew

photo 2Finished making custom size crib bumpers for my cousin’s baby due in July. She has a portable crib and the crib bumpers for that size go for about $150 online! She brought over the Soft & Crafty precut bumper foams, snuggle flannel in two colors, and 12 yards of simplicity 3/8″ piping and we watched a tutorial on youtube to get started.

It was my first time making piping and making crib bumpers so my final product definitely reflects my learning curve.

Some things I learned and wanted to jot down for future:

I don’t have to use craft store piping, I can get similar stuff at a hardware store apparently

Its a good idea to baste the piping to one layer first with a wide stitch

Pinning on the backing helps but my machine still wanted to feed top and bottom a little unevenly-

I was able to fit the cushions in from the short sides of the bumper

I was able to insert two separate cuts of foam without too much problem or noticeability

When closing the opening with hand sewing it helped to have the opening be on the short side as opposed to anywhere on the long sides- for a cleaner effect.

Initially I didn’t account for how much the hem would take up width and consequently had to trim my foam more than once

Overall this was a great project for learning how to prep piping and sew it in. I’m ready to sew some new seat cushions with piping next!


Christmas Wreath Class


BSBWreathgradientIMG_3711I led a Christmas wreath class for the ladies group at my church. We followed this Dollar Store Ornament Wreath pattern from AJ’s Craft Room on youtube.

Here is my wreath. I may update some of the other wreaths later

Quilted Christmas Stockings



IMG_3705 IMG_3708

I made these for my church kids! I used this¬†online tutorial by Missouri Star Quilt¬†and drafted my own stocking shape from an old calendar. The materials i used were snuggle flannel from Joanns (the one that is priced insanely low about once a year around Thanksgiving). For batting I pieced together all the scrappy strips I had saved after trimming down a quilt sandwich. (I overlapped the batting and used a wide zigzag to piece them together for this craft project). For liner I used fabric that I had. And for the loop, instead of sewing a tube and flipping it inside out I made bias tape using 3″ strips and edge sewed the side closed which was far more time efficient. I’m very happy with the results.image image image



Alexander Quilt




Wreath Class Banner


I designed this for my church’s first Women’s Ministry Craft coming up! I’ll have to add photos of the event later!BSBWreathgradient

Church Web Banners

Some recent web banners I did for church. The youth group banner doodles was done by my husband.


youthbanner (1)BSBretreatbanner

Alexander Quilt



Sermon series mp3 covers


Pixel Kitty

imageMade this for Josie using the IKEA bead craft. its very nostalgic! You buy a set of pegged templates and buy a separate cannister of multicolored beads. you set beads on the pegs and melt it together using wax paper and an iron. After doing a few nondescript rainbow things i decided to make a picture. i eyeballed an image of a kitten and went for it. It is the first creative thing I’ve done in months since we moved.

LB International Quilt Convention

IMG_0973-001I got to enjoy this experience with my mom while my husband took the kids to the LB Aquarium.